6 Reasons to Support Small Local Companies and Car Rentals in Greece

Supporting small local companies,  whether these are car rentals, hotels, shops or family tavernas is a traveller’s best choice. Here is why:

  1. It’s personal. From car rental to tavernas and rooms to let, small local companies treat clients in a more warm, personal way, customizing services to meet travellers’ needs. This can also mean better deals and more useful advice than larger companies would provide. At the same time, it’s the owners’ name and reputation within a community that is on the line in case something goes south.
  1. Be treated as a guest. Small, family-owned accommodation businesses are more likely to follow the local architecture and style compared to larger box-like hotel rooms. Even more important, small company owners will treat you as their guest instead of a client.
  1. Local groceries for quality products at competitive prices. Local groceries provide a variety of local products than larger supermarket companies. By acquiring their supplies from local producers, they reduce transportation costs, keeping competitive prices, low carbon footprint and the product quality that comes with small scale production.
  1. Local restaurants for authentic tastes. A traveller’s golden rule to eating out is “Eat where the locals eat”. The locals always know where to enjoy authentic tastes, fresh local ingredients, and the service of friendly people. Local restaurant owners have a great sense of responsibility towards their customers, as their restaurants are open all year round and often are important meeting points of the community. Read more about the unique tastes of Greece
  1. By buying local you are helping sustain the local economy. In busy areas it is quite common for people outside the community to operate businesses only during the tourist season, taking their income with them when leaving for winter. When you support small local companies a significant amount of the income is recycled within the community.
  1. Keeping the local character alive. The products and services of an area reveal a great deal about the place you are visiting. Rent your holiday car at the small local car rental,  meet the locals at the family taverna, stay in the smaller but more authentic hotel or room. Help keep the local element alive instead of being replaced by chain stores. They might feel more predictable but they steal away part of a traveller’s discovery.

Simplybook brings to you the easiest way to rent a car in Greece from  small and medium car rentals, supporting the family businesses of your favourite holiday destination. 

Post featured photo by Heather Cowper, licensed