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Pelion is almost magnetic. The land of the Centaurs in Greek mythology is one of the favourite getaway destinations for mainlanders and returning visitors. Mountains and sea, traditional architecture and natural beauty. Pelion attracts those who seek to discover the unspoilt beauty of Greece! Our three-day Pelion road trip will take you to a variety of sceneries and will give you a real taste of Pelion.


The distances in Pelion peninsula are not long, but the narrow mountainous roads require slow driving. With this in mind, make sure you allow enough time to enjoy the ride! You can stop to admire the view, try the local delicacies and explore the history and everyday life of the people there on your way.


Pelion Road Trip Itinerary:

Athens/ Thessaloniki-Volos-Milies-Argalasti-Potistika-Tsagarada-Horefto-Zagora-Portaria-Makrinitsa-Volos

Duration: 3 days


Pelion Road Trip Day 1: From Athens or Thessaloniki to Volos and Milies


Whether you start your road trip from Athens or Thessaloniki, the road to Volos in the entrance of the Pelion peninsula is very smooth. Just take E75 connecting Athens to Thessaloniki and exit at Velestino to merge onto Route E92 towards Volos.

From Volos drive through the dense forests of central Pelion towards the village of Milies. There, you can stay in one of the traditional stone guesthouses. During the day, walk in the cobbled streets to explore the village. Then, take a rest in the central square, the meeting point of locals who gather under the shade of the old plane trees.


The old train from Milies to Ano Lechonia. Photo by K. Krallis, SV1XV, licensed.


At the central square, you will find the station for the train to Ano Lechonia. Ask around about the history of the train, which is currently functional due to the persistence of the locals. Milies used to be an important cultural center, attracting scholars who participated in the Greek war of independence in 1821. Some of their manuscripts exhibit in the local Historical Museum.

Athens-Volos: 327km, Thessaloniki-Volos: 208km, Volos-Milies: 28km


Milies, 28km east of Volos, in the dense forests of central Pelion, Photo by dimitrisvetsikas1969 , licensed.


Pelion Road Trip Day 2: Milies-Argalasti-(Potistika)-Tsagkarada-Zagora (-Horefto)


From Miles head towards south Pelion through Koropi and Afetes to Argalasti. This traditional mountainous village is the cultural and commercial centre of the area. Additionally, it’s a passageway to the beaches of Pagasitikos and the Aegean Sea. Once you get there, you will be impressed by the 25 meters tall marble bell tower of the church of Agioi Apostoloi. There, park your car and walk up to the monastery of Agios Nikolaos to admire the view of the Pagasitikos Gulf. Furthermore, in the village centre, there is a beautiful cobbled square with old plane trees where you can enjoy a local meze with tsipouro!


From Argalasti you can visit the 7 km sandy beach of Potistika. This beach combines soft fine sand with the clear blue waters of the Aegean! Although it attracts many visitors – especially in the summer and during the weekend- it remains unspoiled by tourism. 


Potistika beach, 49km southeast of Volos. Photo by RmX86, licensed.


From Argalasti continue towards Tsagarada, following the road that takes you through the villages of Niochori and Xorychti. In this beautiful village, you will meet visitors all year round. Tsagarada consists of four districts named after the local churches: Agia Kuriaki, Agios Stefanos, Agioi Taxiarxhes and Agia Paraskevi. As you have probably guessed Agios is the Greek word for Saint!

Tsagarada-Zagora and Horefto

From Tsagarada drive towards Zagora village. Here, the meeting point of the locals is the square of Agios Georgios. While in the village, don’t forget to take home with you some of the local delicacies made of the famous Zagorian apples. In addition, Zagora and Tsagkarada host the annual art festival of Pelion at the end of July with concerts, exhibitions and workshops.

9 km away, at the foot of Zagora lies the coastal settlement of Horefto. Horefto is ideal for a swim and a meal by the sea. In a close distance, there is the junction to the beautiful beach of Agioi Saranta.

Milies – Argalasti : 26km, Argalasti-Potistika-Argalasti:14km

Argalasti-Tsagkarada: 33km/ Beach options : Milopotamos (6km), Fakistra (5km)

Tsagarada-Zagora: 25km, Zagora-Horefto: 8km OR Tsagarada-Zagora via Horefto: 28km


Pelion Road Trip Day 3: Portaria – Makrinitsa – Volos 



Next destination is the village of Portaria. Portaria took its name from the nearby monastery of “Panagia of Port area”. At an altitude of 650m, Portaria can be covered with snow, therefore is a popular winter destination. During spring and summer, Portaria is so green with spring waters and small waterfalls forming from the mountain melting ice.


Makrinitsa, western Pelion, 17km northeast of Volos. Photo by Andreas Routsias, licensed.



Next, visit the nearby village of Makrinitsa. Around the village, you will find some beautiful Byzantine churches. While there, take some time to admire the impressive frescoes. Keeping its traditional architecture, Makrinitsa is one of the most picturesque villages of western Pelion. Without delay, park your car in the village entrance and follow the paved street. Next, make a stop at the central square for a tsipouro or a local dessert under the plane trees.  Ending this road trip, enjoy the last panoramic views before heading back to Volos. 

Zagora-Portaria: 32km, Portaria-Makrinitsa: 3km, Makrinitsa-Volos: 10km


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Post photo featured by SIAATH, licensed .