Camping in Greece: alternative holidays to bring you closer to nature

Camping in Greece is an experience on its own. Wouldn’t you cherish waking up watching a beautiful sunrise or having a glass of wine under the starlight sky? With camping, you will get closer to nature, you will recharge your batteries, and you will get the chance to meet new people. The benefits are countless! It can also be much more inexpensive than renting a hotel room.

There are around 270 organised camping areas throughout Greece. It is not hard to find something to accommodate your needs. From seaside “bring your tent” campgrounds to luxurious bungalows and yurts, there are places with various comforts, facilities and infrastructure to enjoy your holidays. Choosing to stay at an organised campsite means you don’t just get to see all the beautiful spots you were dreaming of, you get to live on theme!


What about wild camping in Greece?

Wild or free camping -as the locals call it- is forbidden in Greece, and the fine starts from 300 euros and can go up to 3.000, depending on the particular conditions of each case (i.e. starting a fire in a woody area). Mind that you can sleep on a beach at night, but you cannot set your tent there from sunset to sunrise. You will find people camping on the beach -especially in lesser touristic areas- but most likely, they are there illegally. 

There are some areas where wild camping is permitted, but it lies at the discretion of each area’s local authorities to allow it. Usually, on the islands of NisirosTilos, Anafi, and Gavdos, holiday-goers can camp on designated spots. Be careful because that may not be the case every year. Especially now, with the pandemic’s consequences to the sector of tourism, things can change.

Wild camping is illegal in Greece. Photo by [email protected]


Now, where to go camping in Greece?

Camping in Peloponesse

Peloponesse and its endless coastline is an ideal destination for campers. It is a place so diverse from north to south, east to west, with so many historical sites, picturesque villages and long sandy beaches to explore, that we suggest you plan a road trip and camp in different areas during your stay. Some popular camping destinations in Peloponesse are:

  • Finikounda: 279km from Athens, 228km from Patras, and 57km from Kalamata.
  • Gytheio:256km from Athens, 301km from Patras, and 142km from Kalamata.
  • Pylos:274km from Athens, 208km from Patras, and 52km from Kalamata.
  • Drepano:144km from Athens, 189km from Patras, and 155km from Kalamata.
  • Elafonisos:328km from Athens, 373km from Patras, and 214km from Kalamata.


Camping in Macedonia

The region of Macedonia is also perfect for your vacations. You can pick one of the many campsites of Chalkidiki to enjoy your holidays, or -if you are more active and adventurous- you can explore the area by camping in different places. The province of Macedonia has plenty of mountains, lakes, ancient cities, landmarks and picturesque villages to explore. Give it a try and drive around the area, making stops on the way at the most popular campsites of the region like:

  • Chalkidiki: 70km from Thessaloniki, 583km from Athens 
  • Pieria: 77km from Thessaloniki, 439km from Athens
  • Kavala: 153km from Thessaloniki, 651km from Athens
  • Thassos: island, 205km from Thessaloniki, 753km from Athens


Nothing better than a relaxing evening in your hammock. Photo by [email protected]


Camping in Epirus

Epirus -located between the mountain range of the Pindus and the Ionian Sea- is surrounded by such breathtaking nature, it would be difficult not to fall in love with the area. From Acheron, the majestic river that led the dead of antiquity to the underworld, to the fairytale-like villages of the region, spending your holidays in Epirus will definitely be rewarding. The most popular camping sites in the area are:

  • Syvota: 95km from Ioannina, 264km from Patras, 340km from Thessaloniki, and 459km from Athens.
  • Parga: 99km from Ioannina, 239km from Patras, 344km from Thessaloniki: and 432km from Athens.


Camping in the Greek Islands

Each Greek island is beautiful in its own way. And each one of them has at least one campsite to accommodate you! You can choose from the green Ionian islands with turquoise waters to the whitewashed islands of the Cyclades. Or, from Crete to Euboea and the Sporades to the Dodecanese, your destiny is to have a unique experience! The hardest part will be picking your favourite location!


Visit the official website of the Panhellenic Camping Association to find all authorised campsites operating in Greece.

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