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Post featured image
Photo by Sebastian Voortman

ATTICA (around Athens)

1.Sunset at Cape Sounio, 67 km east of Athens
Photo by Kuno Lechner
2.The port of  Rafina, 30 km east of Athens
Photo by Abocanto
3.Schinias beach
Photo by PLatsoudis
4.Marathon Lake
Photo by Ggia
5.Ancient Aigosthena, Porto Germeno, 60 km west of Athens
Photo by Nefasdicere  


1.Polygyros, the capital of Halkidiki, 70 km south east of Thessaloniki
Photo by Hombre
2.35 km south east of Thessaloniki, the cave of Petralona with the impressive stalagmites and stalactites.
Photo by Carlstaffanholmer
3.Sani, one of the most popular resorts of Kassandra, 83 km of Thessaloniki
Photo by: Vagrand
4.Siviri resort, 97 km south east of Thessaloniki, know for the annual art festival
Photo by  Tilemahos Efthimiadis
5.The  sandy beach of Vourvourou, 51 km south east of Polygyros
Photo by  Christaras A – Eigenes Werk
6.The long sandy beach of Sarti,77 km south east of Poligiros
Photo by  Palickap
7.Kalamitsi  beach, 93 km south east of Polygyros
Photo by  Anton Lefterov
8. Sea view in Sithonia
Photo by ale3andro


Visit Crete
NASA Earth Observatory
1.60 km  west of Rethymno, the venetian harbour of Chania
Photo by Christoffer Sawick
2.Turquoise waters of Balos lagoon, 56km northwest of Chania
Photo by Sergio Alvarez
3.Elafonissi beach,  82 km south west of Chania
Photo by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho
4.Vamos, keeping the authenticity of Cretan villages,  26 km southeast of Chania, in the beautiful region of Apokoronas
Photo by Wolfgang Sauber
5.Vrysses village, with plane trees and running water, ideal for hot summer days,  30 km southeast of Chania
Photo by C messier
6.The sandy beach of Falassarna, 58 km west of Chania
Photo by Hadjidaki
7.  The coastal town of Sfakia, 72 km south east of Sfakia
Photo by Tango7174
8. Balos, Chania beaches
Photo by Wolfgang Staudt
9. Walking tour of Old harbor
Photos by Lapplaender
1.Fortezza: The venetian fortress of Rethymno
Photo by Olaf Tausch
2.Spili , a picturesque village with un unforgettable view, 28 km south east of Rethymno
Photo by Tango7174
3.Preveli beach, with the small river and palm trees, 38  km south of  Rethymnon
Photo  by  Frente
4. 40 km south of Rethymno, on the Libyan sea Plakias is a great base to visit the beaches of the south coast
Photo by Uoaei1
1.Inner harbor of Heraklio, the largest city and the administrative capital of Crete
Photo by Ania Mendrek
2.Ledas, a small seaside village 73 km south west  of Heraklio
Photo by MJJR
3.Vianos, at the south side of Mount Dikti,  65 kilometer southeast of  Heraklion
Photo by  Doris Antony
4.Carved caves of  Matala, 67 km south west of Heraklion  
photo by Marek Silarski
5. The archaeological site of Knossos, 5 km southeast of Heraklio
Photo by Bernard Gagnon
6. Kafeneio in Archanes
Photo by trolvag
1.Lake Voulismeni, the heart of Agios Nikolaos, 65 km east of Heraklio
Photo by Marc Ryckaert (MJJR)
The sandy palm beach of Vai, 94 km north east of Agios Nikolaos
Photo by Marc Ryckaert (MJJR)
3.Small, quiet, beautiful Sissi, a village 26 km north west of Agios Nikolaos
Photo by Stegop
The seaside town of  Sitia, 70 km east of Agios Nikolaos
Photo by Marc Ryckaert (MJJR)
5.Ruins of the Minoan palace of Zakros, 45 km from Sitia                                                                    
Photo by Vladimír Držík


1.Katapola , the main prot of Amorgos 6 km west of Chora
Photo by Zde
2.The Chora of Amorgos, in the center of the island, 6 km from the port of Katapola
Photo by Stathis2
3.Aigiali, the second largest port of Amorgos, 15 km north east of Chora  
Photo by Zde
4.The monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa, built on the steep cliff of the south coast of Amorgos
Photo by  User: (WT-shared) Teddy at wts wikivoyage
5.The small famous beach of Agia Anna, 3 km from the Chora of Amorgos, under the monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa
Photo by Graeme Churchard
 6. Amorgos stone trail
Photo by Zde
1.Chora, the main village of  Ios,  2 km east of the port
Photo by Zde
2.The long sandy beach of  Mylopotas, 5 km southeast of the port
Photo by Davide Taviani  (Helios)
3.Golden sandy coves and crystal waters of Maganari beach, 23 km  southeast of the port
Photo by Davide Taviani
4.Psathi beach, 20 km east of the port of Ios
Photo by Titanas
1. Terrace of the Lions, Delos island, Cyclades, Greece
Photo by Ggia
2. Oikos of Naxians in Delos, Greece
Photo by Bernard Gagnon
3. Ancient Greek theatre in Delos, Greece
Photo by Bernard Gagnon
4. Panther. A tiny mosaic of “House of Masks” on Delos
Photo by Zde
1.Mesaria, the Chora of Kythnos, 7 km north east from the port of the island
2. Merichas, the port of Kythnos, 7 km south west of Chora.
Photo by Roman Klementschitz
3.Connecting the main island to the islet of Agios Loukas, the sandy beach of Kolona, 7 km west of Chora
Photo by Roman klementschitz
4.View from the harbor of Loutra, 6 km north of Chora, Kythnos
Photo by Takeaway
5.The traditional settlement of Dryopida with the tiled roofs, 8 km south of Chora, Kythnos
Photo by Kathleen A. Saccopoulos
6. Kythnos beach
Photo by Katvaf
1.Plaka,  the main village or Chora of Milos, 3 km northwest of the port of Adamas.
Photo by pastitio
2.The colorful Sirmata where the fishing boats used to be stored, 6 km northwest of the port.
Photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis
3.The white rock formations  of Sarakiniko beach 4 km northeast of Adamas.  
Photo by Vihou World
4.The volcanic cliffs of Firiplaka,  8,5 km southwest of Adamas.
Photo by Agisfere
5. Kleftiko beach
Photo by Zde
1.The Chora of Mykonos, one of the most popular destinations in Greece
 Photo by  http://mstyslav-chernov.com/   
2. Kalo Livadi
Photo by Olaf Tausch
3.Boats in Mykonos chora
Photo by Mstyslav Chernov
4. Colorful Little Venice in Mykonos Chora
5. Ftelia beach in Panormos Bay, 5,5 km from the Chora of Mykonos
Photo by  GanMed64            
6.Kalafatis, an  ideal beach for the water sport fans , 12 km east of the Chora of Mykonos
Photo by   Bgabel
7. Agrari beach
Photo by karlygr
8. Lia beach
Photo by Olaf Tausch
9.  Paros windurfing
Photo by giorgoskontaxis
1.Portara, standing at the north side of the port of Naxos
Photo by Navin75
2.Orientation map of Kastro
Photo by Zde
3.The partly organised Agios Prokopios beach,  6 km southwest of Chora
Photo by Ildebrando
4.Mikri Vigla beach,  16 km south of the Chora of Naxos
Photo by Frank Manolas
5.Apiranthos, a mountainous village which has kept its authenticity and the traditional architecture, 26 km east of Chora
Photo by Zde
6.The famous statue of Kouros in the archaeological site of Apollonas,  35 km north of Chora
Photo by Moonshadow~commonswiki
1.Parikia, the main port and and center of Paros
Photo by Olaf Tausch
2.Naoussa, the  beautiful settlement of Paros,  10,5 km north east of Parikia, Naxos
Photo by Bgabel at wikivoyage shared  
3.Kolimbithres with the shallow small “pools” between the rocks, 1 km from Naoussa.
Photo by Smtunli
4.Lefkes, a picturesque village at the highest point of the island, 10 km east of Parikia.
Photo by Kondephy
5.The beach of Aliki, 12 km south of Parikia
Photo by Pdeligiannis
1.Fira, the center of the volcanic island of  Santorini, 8 km from the port
Photo by http://mstyslav-chernov.com/
2.The archaeological site of Akrotiri, 15 km southwest of Fira
Photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis
3.The small port of  Ammoudi, 12 km north of Fira, at the foot of the beautiful Oia
Photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis
1. Kamares on Sifnos 
Photo by Gerald Adams
2. Apollonia
Photo by Horology
3.  View of Kastro
Photo by Kondephy
4. Church of Chryssopigí monastery Sifnos Cyclades
Photo by Luca Conti
5. Vathy beach
Photo by Daniel Lobo
1.View or Ermoupoli
Photo by Jeremy Avnet (brainsik)
2. Ano Syros and Ermoupolis
Photo by Hans Peter Schaefer, http://www.reserv-a-rt.de
3. Gallissas
Photo by Olavfin
 4. Finikas
Photo by stefanou georg
5. Marble streets of Ermoupoli
Photo by ElioQoshi
1.Τhe port and Chora of Tinos at the south east side of the island
Photo by grassrootsgroundswell
2.10 km north of Chora, in the center of the island, Volax is one of the most picturesque villages of Tinos
Photo by Zigomitros Athanasios
3.Pachia Ammos beach, 6 km north of Chora  
Photo by persefoni82 / Persefoni82 at Greek Wikipedia


1.Kalymnos, the island of sponge divers  and climbers
Photo by Hlohning
2. Pothia, the main port and capital of Kalymnos
Photo by Dorantonio
 3. 24 km northwest of Pothia, the quiet settlement of Emporio
Photo by KF
4.Vathys with the port of Rina, 11 km  northeast of Pothia  
Photo by  Egmontaz
1.Pigadia,  the port and capital of the island at the southeastern side of the Karpathos
Photo by Rafu
2.Lakki, 6 km south of Pigadia
Photo by pastitio
3.Diakoftis beach, 20 km south of Pigadia .
Photo by  Mitak
4. The beautiful coastal village of Arkassa, 16 km southwest of Pigadia  
Photo by capreolus
1.Neratzia castle in Kos town,  at the northeastern part of the island
Photo by Chris Vlachos
2.The archaeological site of  Asclepeion, 4 km  southeast of Kos town
Photo by Moonshadow
3.The wetlands of Tigaki, 11 km west of Kos town
Photo by GanMed64 (sunset)
4.Thermal springs of Kos, 12 km southeast of  Kos
Photo by kallerna
5.Protected from the strong winds, the bay of Limnionas, 43 km southwest of Kos town
Photo by russavia
6. View of Kefalos
Photo by Karelj
1.View of Leros
Photo by Kalogeropoulos
2.Promenade of Lakki
Photo by KV 28
3.The castle of Leros island
Photo by Korydaliotis at Greek Wikipedia
4.Agia Marina
Photo by Waldviertler
Photo by Magman at Greek Wikipedia
1.The Port (Skala) of Patmos Island
Photo by Chris Vlachos
2.The citadel (Chora) of Patmos Island, Greece
Photo by Chris Vlachos
3.A rock at the Groikos beach in Patmos island, Greece
Photo by Kalogeropoulos
4.Meloi, 2 km north of the port of Skala
Photo by Giacomo Gasperini
1.Gate d’Amboise in the Old town of Rhodes
Photo by Bernard Gagnon
Kremasti beach, 12 km southwest of Rhodes town  
Photo by A.Savin (userpage · contact)
3.Prasonisi beach, 85 km south of Rhodes town at the southwest point of the island
Photo by Karelj
4.Agios Pavlos  beach, 48 km south of Rhodes town
Photo by Bultro
5.Lindos village and acropolis, 55 km south of Rhodes town
Photo by Jebulon
Valley of Butterflies
Wooden Bridge
Photo by Norbert Nagel, Mörfelden-Walldorf, Germany
Photo by wiseguy71


1.Built at the coast of lake Pamvotida, the city of Ioannina, capital of Epirus,  419 m northwest of Athens  Ioannina
Photo by Philos2000
2.The harbor of Parga, 99 km southwest of Ioannina
Photo by Sir Adavis – https://www.flickr.com/photos/siradavis/2709399619
3.The sandy beach of Valtos at the west side of Parga, 99 km southwest of Ioannina
Photo by Sakis Kostaris – Own work
4. Lichnos beach, 4 km south of Parga
5.At the foot of Astraka on mount Tymphi, the traditional settlement of Papigo, 60 km north of Ioannina
Photo by Αλέξανδρος
6.Natural pools of Papigo, Vikos-Aoos National Park, Epirus  
Photo by Onno Zweers
7.Skamneli village square in Zagori, 52 km north of Ioannina  
Photo by Nikos Skamnelis
8.The village of Monodendri, 39 km north of Ioannina
Photo by Vincent C~commonswiki
9.Vikos –Aoos National Park, Epirus
Photo by Hyperfinch
The port of Igoumenitsa, connecting the mainland with the Ionian islands and Italy, 78 km east of Ioannina.
Photo by Evmeos – Praca własna
11.The harbor of Syvota, at the coast of the Ionian Sea, 98 northwest of Ioannina
Photo by Wondergreece
12.Port of Preveza at the entrance of the Gulf of Amvrakikos, 104 km south of Ioannina
Flickr user [2] (Γιάννης Χουβαρδάς). Uploaded from wikimedia user Thiodor2012.
13.The Mythical Acheron River Canyon, Preveza
Photo by Harrygouvas at English Wikipedia


Visit Evia
Lynx Vidz
1.80 km northwest of Athens, connected to mainland by a modern bridge, is the city of Chalkida, famous for  the  tidal phenomenon  
Photo by Luu
2.The coastal town of Karystos, 125 km southeast of Chalkida
Photo by Cornishstrongbitter
Chiliadou beach in Evia,  54 km northwest of Chalkida, at the side of the Aegean Sea
Photo by Ggia
Kohili beach at the village of  Sipia, around 80 km northwest of Chalkida
Photo by Agnee

Ionian islands

Visit the Ionian islands
1.The Venetian old town of Corfu
Photo by Robin
2.Agios Gordios
The sandy beach of Agios Gordios, 19 km southwest of Corfu town
Photo by muffinn
3.The island and monastery of Vlacherna  and the island of Pontikonisi,  Corfu
photo by Marc Ryckaert (MJJR)
4.Canal d’ Amour coves, 36 km northwest of Corfu Town
Photo by Dr.K.
5.Palaiokastritsa with the six coves and crystal water, 26 km northwest of Corfu town
Photo by Tasoskessaris
6. Group of men in Kafenio, Doukades, Corfu, Greece
Photo by  Thomas Schoch
2.Kioni, 24 km  north of  Vathy
Giorgos Ser
Spiros Vathis
4.Gidaki beach, 5 km north east of Vathy
claire rowland
1. Kefalonia beach
Photo by Berit
2.Argostoli,  the capital of Kefalonia, at the south eastern part of the island.
Photo by Danielb136
3.10 m northwest of Argostoli,  the cave of Melissani with the underground lake.
Photo by Christos Vittoratos
4.The white cobblestone Myrtos beach,  30 km north of Argostoli.
Photo by Matt Sims
5.Lixouri, the second largest town of the island, rebuilt according to the traditional architecture, 30 km northwest of Argostoli.
Photo by   Christos Vittoratos
The picturesque village of Fiskardo,  50 km northeast of Argostoli.  
Photo by ThomasPusch
Buit 36 km north of Argostoli, Assos, built  on a small peninsula  among cypresses and pine trees.
Photo by Uli doubleyou
Photo by Jessica Martinetti
2.Kythera’s capital (Chora) with the Castle
Photo by Comzeradd
3.View of Kapsali from the castle of Chora
Photo by Ingo Mehling
4.View of Avlemonas
Photo by Lapost
Photo by Kostas Limitsios
6.Fonissa Waterfall at Mylopotamos, Cythera
Photo by Comzeradd – Own work
Photo by Dr mercator
1.The town of Lefkada, the island where you can drive to
Photo by   Tatyana141
2. Surrounded by impressive cliffs, the long sandy beach of Egremni,  40 km southwest of  the town. l
Photo by Dollbaby78
3.Porto Katsiki, probably the most famous beach of  the island, 45 km southwest of Lefkada town.
Photo by Igorm77
1.Zakynthos town, rebuilt in the traditional Venetian style after the earthquake of 1953.
Photo by Σαλαμούρας Σπύρος
The  loggerhead turtle nesting beach, Gerakas, 18 km south of town.
3.Tsilivi resort and its long sandy beach, 6 km west of town.
photo by Live Zakynthos
4.The fiord of Porto limnionas, 16 km southeast of  Zakynthos town.
Photo by  Heather Cowper


The main port and capital of Chios, at the eastern coast of the island, opposite  the Turkish town of Çeşme
Photo by Ailinaleixo
2.Mavra Volia, the beach of the black pebbles,  28 km west of Chios town.
Photo by Αλέξανδρος
3.The medieval village of Vessa, 19 km southwest of Chios town.
Photo by Kostisl
4.35 km southwest of Chios town, the medieval village of  Mesta
Photo by  Kostisl
5.38 km northwest of Chios town, Volissos is the largest village of the north western part of the island.
Photo by Pitropakis
1.Agios Kirikos , the capital and main port of Ikaria at  the southeastern side of the island
Photo by   Stelios Kiousis
2.Evdilos , the second port and the former capital of the Ikaria, 41 km north west of Agios Kyrikos
Photo by   C messier
3.The coastal village of  Armenistis, 50 km north west of Agios Kirikos and 13 km west of Evdilos
Photo by   de:User:Man77
4.Nas beach where Chalaris river meets the Aegean, 55 km north west of Agios Kirikos
Photo by   Georgios Michalogiorgakis
1. Post photo: View of Tigani
Photo by Alessandro Arzilli
2. View from Myrina’s port.
Photo by   michael clarke stuff – Lemnos fort
3. Sunset in Myrina beach, Limnos
Photo by   Alessandro Arzilli
4. Moudros bay one of the safest natural ports of the Aegean , 27 km east of Myrina
Photo by   Σαλαμούρας Σπ.
5. The long sandy beach of Keros, 32 km east of Myrina
Photo by   Alessandro Arzilli
6. The sand dunes of Fanaraki, 30km east of Myrina
Photo by   Alessandro Arzilli
7. Remains of the prehistoric settlement of Poliochni, one of the oldest settlements in Europe, 30 km east of Limnos
Photo by   Αλέξανδρος
8. The beach of Ropalos
Photo by Alessandro Arzilli
9. Evgatis beach
Photo by Alessandro Arzilli
1.Mytilene, the main port and capital of Lesvos, opposite the Turkish coast
Photo by   Ggia
2.Molivos, probably the most picturesque settlement of Lesvos, 60 km west of Mytilene
Photo by   User:illuminatusds
3.The coastal village of Petra, 57 km northwest of Mytilene, Lesvos  
Photo by   Mike Peel
4.The long sandy beach of Eressos,  85 km west of Mytilene, Lesvos
Photo by   Tromios
5.The long pebbled beach of Agios Isidoros,  40 km southwest of Mytilene
Photo by   CoStef
6.Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest, Sigri, Lesvos (Lesbos), Greece
Photo by   Tomisti
1.At the north eastern side of the island,  Vathy is the capital of Samos and one of the two main ports
Photo by   Tsoulontino
2.10 km northwest of Vathy,  Kokkari is  one of the most popular destinations of Samos
Photo by   Pe-sa
3.35 km west of Vathy,  Karlovasi is the second port of the island and home of the School of Sciences of the University of the Aegean
Photo by   Waldviertler
4.The pebbled beach of Potami, 34 km west of Vathy
5.The tiny pebbled beach of Tsopela, 29 km southwest of Vathy  
Photo by   Pe-sa
6.The Heraion of Samos, with the only surviving standing column, 17 km west of Vathy
Photo by   Tomisti
7.Pebbled beach
Photo by Aanjhan Ranganathan
Post photo
Photo by Dimitris Siskopoulos
1.Kamariotissa, the port and capital of the island, at the western coast of Samothraki
Photo by Kamikaze1975
2. The town or Hora of Samothraki,built at the slopes of two hills, 6 km east of Kamariotissa
Photo by Ggia
3.Sanctuary of the Great Gods, Palaiopolis, 5 km northeast of Kamariotissa, Samothraki
Photo by Ggia
4.Rock pools and waterfalls of Samothraki, 14 km northeast  of the port.
Photo by Ggia
5.The long sandy beach of Pachia Ammos, 15 km southeast of Kamariotissa, Samothraki
Photo by Αλέξανδρος


1.The village of Milies, 28 km east of Volos,  in the dense forests of central Pelio.
Photo by Konstantinos Stampoulis (Geraki)
2.The  traditional mountainous village of Argalasti,  41 km southeast of Volos in the southern part of  Pelio.
Photo by Nik-P
3.The soft fine sand and clear blue waters of Potistika beach, 49 km fsoutheast of Volos.
Photo by Andreas Routsias
4.The coastal village of Agios Ioannis, 55 km northeast of Volos
Photo by Holger Casselmann –
5.Makrinitsa, one of the most picturesque villages of western  Pelio, 17 km  northeast of Volos
Photo by Andreas Routsias


1.The city and port of Patra,  connecting Greece with Italy by sea, 210 km northwest of Athens.
Photo by   Guillaume Piolle Uploaded by Eusebius
2.The king of the Patra carnival
Photo by   User Tony Esopi
3.The  mountainous village  of Kalavryta, 77 km south east of Patra.
Photo by   Σαλαμούρας Σπ  Ανέβηκε από τον Σαλαμούρας Σπύρος
4.35 km east of Patra, the coastal village of Selianitika, with the mineral springs and sulphurous baths
Photo by   Markantonios
5.The coastal settlement  of Akoli, protected by  eastern winds,  28 km east of Patra.
Photo by   Tony Esopi
6. Psila Alonia, Patra
Photo by C messier
1.Agora of Ancient Argos, 127 km southeast of Athens
Photo by   Ploync
2.The ancient theater of Epidaurus, hosting the annual festival, 41 km east of Argos
Photo by   Wladyslaw
3.The ancient city of Myceneae,  the center of the Mycenaen civilization,14 km north of Argos
Photo by   Ken Russell Salvador
4.View of the old part of the city of Nafplio from Palamidi castle, 12 km south east of Argos
Photo by   Jeanhousen
5.The small fishing village of Tolo built along a long sandy beach, 22 km south east of Argos
Photo by   Thomas Wydra
1.Statue of Theodoros Kolokotronis in the central square of Tripoli,  165 km southwest of Athens
Photo by   Ddogas
2. Traditional settlement of Leonidio,  93 km southeast of Tripoli, underneath Mount Parnonas
Photo by   Herbert Ortner
3. The central square of the mountainous village of Kosmas,  57 km southeast of Tripoli
Photo by   Jeanh Housen
4.Kryoneri beach at Agios Andreas, Voria Kynouria, 50 km southeast of Tripoli
Photo by   johnnysam
5.Mount Mainalo, at the heart of Peloponnisos, in the region of Arcadia
Photo by   Thodoris Κ. Mavraganis
1.The Corinth canal, where the Peloponnesos is separated from the mainland,  28 km west of  Athens
Photo by   Jean Housen  
2.Ancient Corinth,  one of the largest and most important cities of ancient Greece, 3 km southwest of the modern city.
Photo by   Ploync
3.The peaceful landscape of Vouliagmeni lake, 16 km northwest of Loutraki  and 24 from Corinth (no credit needed)
4.The Corinthian Gulf from Pefkias beach, 40 km northwest of Corinth
Photo by   Amphithoe
5. Lake Stymphalia, 61 km west of Corinth
Photo by Marina Loukas
1.13 km west of Pyrgos,  Katakolo, the main port of the area.
Photo by   Mstyslav Chernov – Self-photographed
2.19 km east of Pyrgos , Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games.
Photo by   Ronny Siegel
3.Hermes of Praxiteles holding the infant Dionysos in the museum of Olympia, 19 km east of Pyrgos
Photo by   tetraktys
4.The sandy beach of Zacharo, on the coast of the Gulf of Kyparissia, 28 km southeast of Pyrgos
Photo by   Huskarl2000
1.213 km southwest of Athens, Sparta, the capital of Lakonia, known for its rich history and myths.
Uploaded by KLS
2. Ancient theater of Sparta, with mountain Taygetos in the background,  213 km southwest of Athens
Photo by  ulrichstill
3.The fortified town of Mystras at the slopes of mountain Taygetos, 6 km northwest of Sparta
Photo by Ronny Siegel
4.The fishing town of Gytheio, 42 km south of Sparta
Photo by Rene Konijnenberg
5.The medieval castle town of Monemvasia, 74 km southeast of Sparta.
Photo by ulrichstill
6.The islet of Monemvasia, 74 km southeast of Sparta
photo by Bgabel
7.The ship wreck of Selinitsa beach, 5  km northeast of Gytheio
Photo by Bgabel
8. Gerolimenas, 83 km south of Sparti
Photo by Camster
9. Tenaro Lighthouse
Photo by Camster
 10. Diros cave
Photo by George Fournaris
11. Areopoli
Photo by    Da
1.Kalamata, the capital and central port of Messinia is 239 km south west of Athens
Photo by Pfloros
2.The  ancient city of Messene, one of the largest and best preserved cities of the ancient world,  30 km north of Kalamata
Photo by Koppi2
3.The beautiful coastal town of Methoni, 61 km southwest of Kalamata
Photo by Dnalor 01
4.Burtzi and the Castle of Methoni, 61 km southwest of Kalamata
Photo by Flyax
5.Voidokoilia beach, 64 km southwest of Kalamata
Photo by Grzontan
6.Kyparissia  town at the Ionian coast, 68 km northwest of Kalamata
Photo by Roman Klementschitz
7.The beach and coastal forest of Elaia, 70 km northwest of Kalamata
8. The gorge and river of Neda,  at the border between Messinia and Helia
Photo by Sp!ros
 9. Ritsa beach
 Photo by Ppso
Photo by   Tgvtornado


1.Patitiri, at the south east side of Alonissos
2.Old Village of Alonissos, 4 km west of the port
Son of Groucho
1.Skiathos harbor
2.Skiathos town
3.Koukounaries beach, 14 km southwest of Skiathos harbor
4.Lalaria beach, Alonissos
Harout Arabian
1.Skopelos port, the northwestern side of the island
2.Limnonari beach, 10 km  south of  Skopelos
Stefanos Titanas
3.Milia beach, 13 km west of Skopelos
John Karakatsanis
4.Velanio, 5 km south east of Skopelos
5.Glysteri, 4 km from Skopelos

Frontpage photos

1.  A view of the Libyan Sea on the way to Kallikratis
Photo by  Lourakis
Photo by Agnee
3.National Road 51 (European Road 85) in Evros prefecture
Photo by  thanos tsimekas
4.Voidokoilia beach, 10 km northwest of Pilos
Photo by  Grzontan
6.Mountain Road Corfu
Photo by  Dr.K.
7.Chora of Mykonos, one of the most famous islands of Greece
Photo by  Mstyslav Chernov   
8.Megalo Papigo, on 980 m. altitude, 60 km from Ioannina  city, Epirus
Photo by   Αλέξανδρος
9. Waterfalls of Panta Vrehei gorge, Evritania
Photo by  John Karakatsanis
10.Pelio, a very popular winter and  summer destination combining mountain and sea, Magnisia,
Photo by    Astarti34
11.Cape Sounio, the ancient temple of Poseidon, 70 km  southeast of Athens
Photo by  Tilemahos Efthimiadis
12.Thessaloniki, the second largest city of Greece, built on the bay of Thermaikos
Photo by   Tilemahos Efthimiadis
13.Itea town in the southeastern part of Phocis
Photo by   Protnet
14.On the road to Zakros, the most Eastern point of Crete
Photo by   Luigi Rosa
15. Sunrise in Corfu island, Ionian Sea
Photo by  Thomas Schoch
16.Fira, the center of the volcanic island of  Santorini, 8 km from the port
Photo by  Mstyslav Cherov  
17.Acropolis, the heart of Athens
photo by K beard
18.Kavala, the seaport of Northern Greece
Photo by  Nikodem Nijaki
19.The monasteries of Meteora, 20 km northwest of Trikala
Photo by  Wisniow
20.Lake Plastira, 30 km west of Karditsa
Photo by  Roman Klementschit
21.Myrtos beach, 30 km north of Argostoli, Cephalonia
Photo by  Tony Hisget
22.Santorini, view of the caldera
Photo by  Leonard G.
23.Hermoupoli, Syros island
Photo by  brainsik
24.Vourvourou beach, 51 km southeast of Poligiros, Chalkidiki
Photo by  Snowdog
25.View of the Messinian Gulf from the settlement of Pigi, 54 km southeast of Kalamata
Photo by  Koppi2
26.Hairpin turns on Kapsodasos to Kallikratis road
Photo by Lourakis
27. On the way to Sfakia, Libyan coast, south Crete
Photo by Tango7174 
Driving to Ancient Greece
1.The Acropolis of Athens, seen from Philopappou hill
Christophe Meneboeuf
2. The Temple of Apollo at Delphi
Photo by Luarvick

Tastes of Greece

1.Spanakopita with cubed feta cheese on yellow dish
Photo by Tanya Bakogiannis
 2.Cretan Dakos
Photo by Frente
Photo by  Badseed
Photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis
5.Fried potatoes
Photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis
6.Tomato fritters
Photo by Klearchos Kapoutsis
 7.Dolmadakia, vine leaves stuffed with rice
Photo by ArmOvak
Photo by Amymoni Skeibrok
9.Pastitsio, a specialty of Corfu
Photo by Robert Kindermann
 10. Greek Feta cheese
Photo by Jon Sullivan
11. Mizithra cheese
Photo by grongar – https://secure.flickr.com/photos/grongar/5145539535/
12.Saganaki cheese
Photo by Tammy Green
13. The Ionian Sea, as seen from Corfu Island
Photo by Bogdan Giuşcă
14. Cheese and olives
Photo by Frente
Vegan and vegetarian survival guide
Photo by Alpha
Photo by   Silar
Photo by MALIZ ONG
Greek pottery
Photo by Heather Cowper

Driving in Greece

What about the rest of the country
Photo by Lourakis
Olympia  Odos
Photo by 3247
Rio-Antirio Bridge Photo By Eusebius ( Guillaume Piolle ,) Source Wikipedia



View of the Aegean, Cyclades
Photo by Titanas
View of Mani
Photo by Taxiarchos228
Meteora , 25 km north of Trikala
Photo by Vagelis Vlachos
Nafpaktos, 46 km west of Mesologgi
Photo by Spiros Vathis
photo by Fingalo
photo by Αλέξανδρος
Photo by Rašo
Photo by Geosfot
Photo by  Vagrand
Photo by Frangiscoder
Delta Axiou
Photo by Despina Michailidou
Nikis Avenue
Photo by  Jonathan Bowen
White Tower
Photo by Filip Maljković
View from Ano Poli
Photo by Ian Kehoe