Cosmopolitan Rhodes, The Largest Island of the Dodecanese

The largest island of the Dodecanese and a popular destination for many visitors who either seek the nightlife, the long sandy beaches, the sights of the Medieval City, or all of these together in one island surrounded by crystal waters. You will need to rent a car to  cover the long distances and explore  the villages and beaches of Rhodes. The Old Town of Rhodes,  the Acropolis of Lindos, and the beaches of Kremasti, Prassonissi and Agios Pavlos are the best places to start the discovery of Rhodes. However, do not hesitate to ask the friendly locals for more tips and advice.


Gate d’Amboise in the Old town of Rhodes. Photo by Bernard Gagnon, licensed.

 Rhodes Old Town

The medieval old town of Rhodes (Rodos in Greek!) is a unique sight in the Dodecanese islands. Walk in the cobbled alleys through the Liberty Gate to Simi square with the Municipal Art Gallery and to Ippoton (Knights) street, constructed over an ancient pathway that led from the Acropolis of Rhodes to the port. Visit important monuments such as the palace of the Grand Master which houses the Byzantine museum, the Museum of Decorative Arts, the hospital of the Knights of the 15th century which serves as the National Archaeological and the Church of our Lady of the Castle. At the start or at the end of the tour walk up to the walls and enjoy the view to get a better perspective of the strategic position of the old town.

Discover Rhodes’ old town here.

Rent a car in Rhodes and explore…


The pebble beach of Kremasti. Photo by A.Savin, licensed.

Kremasti beach, 12 km southwest of Rhodes town

Rent a car and drive to Kremasti beach at the northwestern part of the island. Kremasti  is one of the largest settlements in Rhodes while keeping some traditional houses inside the village. The clear waters and the sand and pebble beach make the place ideal for a wide range of water sports available during the summer season.


The two coves of Prassonisi, at the south tip of Rhodes. Photo by Karelj, licensed.


Prassonisi beach, 91 km south of Rhodes town at the southwest point of the island

At the south tip of the island is Prassonisi, a peninsula consisting of two sandy coves, ending at a small rocky islet. The western side is exposed to strong winds, making it a paradise for surfers. The eastern other cove is usually calmer, more suitable for those of you who want to relax and enjoy your swim.  Rent a car and enjoy the long drive from Rhodes town to Prassonisi  down the eastern coast of the island with beautiful views of the Mediterranean.

Lindos village and acropolis, 55 km south of Rhodes town

55 km from Rhodes town, Lindos is known not only for its beauty but also for its archaeological importance. The traditional village with white houses which has managed to keep its architectural authenticity despite of the large number of visitors who come every year to enjoy a variety of services. Up on the hill of Lindos stands the Acropolis, with the remains of the temple of Athina, an archaeological site of great importance built at a place of great beauty.


Lindos village and acropolis, 55 km south of Rhodes town. Photo by Raeann Buskey, licensed.

Agios Pavlos  beach, 48 km south of Rhodes town

At walking distance from Lindos, named after the small local church are the two beaches of Agios Pavlos. The right side is more organised with sunbeds and tavernas, but there is also enough room for those who prefer to lie straight on the welcoming fine sand and small pebbles.  From the beach you can observe the children who come here to dive from the rocks straight to the deep sea, or even better, you can try this yourself.


Rent a car to Agios Pavlos beach, 48 km south of Rhodes town. Photo by Norbert Nagel, Mörfelden-Walldorf, licensed.           

Post featured photo by HUNTER16, licensed.