5 Reasons to visit Crete in September

If you have second thoughts about visiting Crete in September, well… you shouldn’t! September is a great month to explore one of the most diverse and unique places in Greece, and here is why:


1. In September it is not as hot as in July and August

The temperature is rarely above 30°C during the day, while nights get cooler making September a generally more pleasant month to visit Crete. Yet still, the sea temperatures remain high at around 25°C. Lower temperature allows you to enjoy more activities throughout the day.

2. In September it is less busy

Visitors start to thin out, schools are open, and families return to their everyday routine. September is the best season to grasp how life is for a local in Crete! But most importantly, you get to experience uncut the welcoming nature of the people and the famous Cretan hospitality. As a Greek saying goes (roughly translated): “there is always room for all the good people”. Well, in September, there actually is!


A pleasant evening in the old harbour of Chania. Photo by Marie Cheng [email protected]


3. In September it is less expensive

July and August are the most pricy months anywhere in Greece. But from September, it is reasonable to expect better rates on everything. Transport, accommodation and car hire are traditionally less expensive. Besides, you have better chances of finding a room at the hotel of your choice or dining at the restaurant that caught your eye the other day.

4. September is the best season to enjoy the magnificent Cretan hiking trails

Autumn is the sweet spot between the hot summer months and the rainy winter. September is the ideal time to discover the mountains and trails of Crete, while you can still be able to finish your day with a refreshing, quick dip in the Cretan waters! Can you imagine a better ending after a long hike? We suggest trying the E4, the European long-distance trail that crosses Europe and ends in Crete and the Libyan Sea.


In September starts the grape harvesting season. Photo by Dan Cristian [email protected]


5. In September begins the grape harvesting season

Traditional villages become lively as families return there for the harvest season. You should not miss the chance to go as an observer or even participate as a volunteer! The locals will heartwarmingly embrace foreigners who show interest in their way of living. After a long harvest day, the celebration begins with lots of music, food and wine. Can you think of a better reward?



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